Prices  15T-02-SF-1000-NC-HV-R-V1-G13-ST-IP64 ACCU-CODER United States

Product 15T-02-SF-1000-NC-HV-R-V1-G13-ST-IP64
Description Thru-Bore Encoder
Internal code ONR1948875
Weight 0.8
Technical specification Series 15T, 3/8” through bore shaft, slotted flex mount, 1000 pulses per revolution, A, B & Z channel’s with compliment signals, no commutation, Live Driver output circuit, 5-24 operating voltage, side exit 13-meter cable, standard temperature range and IP64 sealing.

ACCU-CODER - 15T-02-SF-1000-NC-HV-R-V1-G13-ST-IP64 referenced Thru-Bore Encoder product produced by high technology.
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