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BRAND Dittmer
Product 161009092
Description Screw-in resistance thermometer with neck tube 115 mm
Internal code ONR4492093
Technical specification Head shape BUZH use Exi BVS 03 ATEX E292 X Model Exia, B,00.06 Execution according to drawing 065819-1 Measuring insert 1xPT100 ohm DIN class A 4-wire screw connection G 3/8", material 1.4541 Installation length 100 mm, 6 mm diameter calibration 3 MP 20°/80°/120°C Dive into RTD with necpipe 115 mm Head type BUZH Use for ex area exi BVS 03 ATEX E292 X model Exia, B,00.06 To Manufactory Number 161009092 sensor 1xPT100 ohms DIN cl. A4-wire screw G 3/8", material 1.4541 Build in length 100 mm, diameter 6 mm Calibration 3 MP 20°/80°/120°C

Dittmer - 161009092 referenced Screw-in resistance thermometer with neck tube 115 mm product produced by high technology.
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