Prices  8050720-01-1 Concoa United States

BRAND Concoa
Product 8050720-01-1
Internal code ONR4443902
Custom code 9026100000
Technical specification Flowmeter for Argon-Carbon Dioxide service 5/8"-18 right hand external thread inlet connection 5/8"-18 right hand internal thread outlet connection 10-60 CFH Argon/10-55 CFH Carbon Dioxide single-range scale 30 PSIG compensation

You can find the current prices belongs to Concoa - 8050720-01-1 coded FLOWMETER ASSEMBLY product. You can ask all the codes and references except 8050720-01-1 too. We are one of the few companies which can present an offer for this product. Thanks to our large disturbiton network, we offer door delivery in most suitable conditions. 8050720-01-1 referenced product is an original piece of your foundation or machine, original parts makes your machine live longer.

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