Sales Aaronia in United States

Economize your outlays when recovering your machine in technical way thanks to Aaronia products. Products have modern technology rank as succesfully in many endustry deparments. Aaronia products, produce properly for customer's necessities, can bu used easily even if in the hardest situations. Aaronia products fabricate in modern foundations with high technology investments.

Brand products Aaronia

BicoLOG 5070


MDF 560

Magnetic Field Tracking Antenna

PowerLOG 70180

High Power Horn Antenna

HyperLOG 7060 (700MHz-6GHz)

LogPer antenna (700MHz-6GHz)

Spectran HF-80200 V5 (Art.Nr.114)

Real-Time Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Docking Station SPECTRAN V5 (Art.Nr.289)

Docking Station SPECTRAN V5

PBS1 - Near-Field Probe-Set (Art.Nr.720)

PBS1 - Near-Field Probe-Set

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