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BRAND Disibeint
Product DIN43650
Description connector
Internal code ONR314154
Weight 1
Technical specification IMN BC PVC/INOX/PA V1 P41 F55 L400 C3 N1 · Level magnetic switch. Version normal. · Process connection: flange Ø68. · Total length: 400 mm. Tube SS Ø12. · 3 contact/s (position and type to define) · 1 float PA Ø29x50

Disibeint - DIN43650 referenced connector product produced by high technology.
DIN43650 is the result of a far more developed technology compared to similar regular products. It distinguishes with price and quality among the similar products. Thanks to our large disturbiton network, we offer door delivery in most suitable conditions. Make an offer to us for DIN43650 please contact us.

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