Prices  EH80C.1024Z5L 14X6PR ELTRA ENCODER United States

Product EH80C.1024Z5L 14X6PR
Description Incremental Encoder
Internal code ONR4428629
Custom code 90318038
Technical specification 1024 ppr blind alb. ø 14 mm Model No.: EH-80 Flange Type: C Type Blind Shaft Resolution: 1024 imp/revolution with pulse of 0 Power supply: 5 Vdc Electronics: Line Driver Shaft Diameter: ø 14 mm Degree of Protection: IP54 Rotation Speed: 6000rpm max Output: standard length 0.30m radial cable

ELTRA ENCODER - EH80C.1024Z5L 14X6PR referenced Incremental Encoder product produced by high technology.
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