Prices  FS0150.NU40CWALT.NL19HNA.00XX Elomatic United States

BRAND Elomatic
Product FS0150.NU40CWALT.NL19HNA.00XX
Description EL-O-MATIC F series drive
Internal code ONR4748893
Custom code 84123900
Technical specification ISO (UNC thread), F07/F10, single-acting, spring set 40, 90° Clockwise closing/ spring-locking, square mount 19mm parallel, with double stroke limit: Open position adjustment range 80° to 95° - closed position 10° to - 5°, High-temperature version -20°C to +120°C.

Elomatic - FS0150.NU40CWALT.NL19HNA.00XX referenced EL-O-MATIC F series drive product produced by high technology.
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