Prices  SCS1000-D / ALS1000-D FEDERAL SIGNAL United States

Product SCS1000-D / ALS1000-D
Description Siren Soundstar D / right and left siren kit
Internal code ONR4231203
Technical specification Item number 2020277 Compact siren SCS1000 - 30W - 4 ohms - black - (16) programmable international tonalities (incl. Wail & Yelp + Hi-Lo) - incl. Mounting Kit - No Cable Harness - No Plug

FEDERAL SIGNAL - SCS1000-D / ALS1000-D referenced Siren Soundstar D / right and left siren kit product produced by high technology.
SCS1000-D / ALS1000-D became irreplaceable of foundations. SCS1000-D / ALS1000-D referenced product which is satisfy the customer's needs, offers advantages of quality and cost. It produced result of tests of laborotory for years. Make an offer to us for SCS1000-D / ALS1000-D please contact us.

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