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Brand products Schmersal

P/N: 101159310 Type: MV10H 330-11Y-1348

Position Switches according to EN 50041

101160536 / ZS 256-11Z


101160611 / MV. 330-11Y-1366

Positions- und Endschalter

101161468 / ZK 236-11Z


101161691 / Z4V7H 335-11Z


101165232 / Z4V7H 336-02Z


101165310 BN 20-11RZ-M16

magnetic switch Customs tariff number:. 85365080 Country of origin: Germany Net weight position: 2,100 KG

101167924 / TR 335-11Z


101168151 / T4VH 336-20Z


101170443 / MS 015-11Y

Positions- und Endschalter

M. 441-11Y-T-M20

Position switch

101170496 ML 441-11Y

Position switches

101170496 ML 441-11Y-M20

Positionsschalter S1

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