Prices  TM9409-3 Duff Norton United States

BRAND Duff Norton
Product TM9409-3
Internal code ONR4261723
Technical specification M9410/M9409 10 Ton Acme Screw Jack Screw Jack Capacity: 10 Ton Type: Machine Screw Model Selection: Inverted Anti-Backlash Series: 9000 Series Ratio: 8:1 (16 turns per inch) Stroke / Lift (inches): 3.00 End Condition: Threaded End Cover Pipe: With a cover pipe Closed Height (inches): 4.250 Housing Finish / Material: Std. Gray Enamel Drive Side: Right Side Accessory Mounting Side: on the LH side

Duff Norton - TM9409-3 referenced product produced by high technology.
TM9409-3 became irreplaceable of foundations. TM9409-3 referenced product which is satisfy the customer's needs, offers advantages of quality and cost. It produced result of tests of laborotory for years. TM9409-3 referenced product is an original piece of your foundation or machine, original parts makes your machine live longer.

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