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Product ZEL-9300-411110
Internal code ONR4186911
Technical specification Base Model: ZEL-9300 (1/16 DIN, PID) Power Input: 90-250VAC, 50/60 Hz Signal Input: 1.Universal 2.CT & Analog 3.Event Output 1: Relay rated 2A/240VAC Output 2: Form A relay, 2A/240VAC Alarm 1: Form A relay, 2A/240VAC Communications: None

ZESTA ENGINEERING - ZEL-9300-411110 referenced product produced by high technology.
ZEL-9300-411110 is the result of a far more developed technology compared to similar regular products. It distinguishes with price and quality among the similar products. Our company can make an offer even if we do not distributor of United States. Make an offer to us for ZEL-9300-411110 please contact us.

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